By The End Of The Training

You Will Know...

  • If Your Course Idea in Demand

    Don't waste time building the wrong course! I'll teach you how to discover if there is demand for your topic!

  • How To Find The Right Audience

    The right audience is one actively looking for solutions and willing to spend some money to get it!

  • Where To Find Trending Content

    Discover how to find trending content and questions - your job is then simply to deliver what's asked for!

Kick Off Your Business Adventure!

Join me for this 60-minute training where you'll learn the exact strategies that will help you adopt a winning course formula from the start! Click the "Grab Your Seat" button, sign up, then watch the training when & how you want!


  • Let's Talk Money

    Discover how much cash your course could actually make you every single month

  • Ethical Spying

    How to use ethical spying to figure out what content is ranking best for your course competitors!

  • The Right Content

    What topics in your niche are people actually dropping money on to learn

You Can't Afford To Miss Out

The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025 (1). Are you optimizing this massive opportunity?

The biggest challenge facing business owners is discovering what their customers truly need, and delivering it in such a way that customers will gladly pay for it. That’s why I developed a system that will help you discover the questions potential customers are asking, pull what’s trending in the marketplace and learn what’s in demand and selling. It’s like having insider trading secrets to the right thing at the right time that people will put money down on.

Hi! I'm Tricia:)

I'm an Internet marketing specialist with over 20 years of marketing & senior management experience. My passion is helping motivated business owners become authorities online. My specialties include teaching online | online course creation, search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook advertising, content creation, funnels & more. My online courses have reached over 28,000 students across 145 countries and have all been listed on the first page of Udemy, one of the world’s largest online course platforms.

If You're Ready For Something Different

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, it's likely time to get started with your own online course!

  • Are you tired of working in a 1:1 model which limits how many clients you can take on?

  • Are you frustrated by not getting paid for what you’re worth?

  • Do you feel like you are constantly out of time & don't have time for things you really want to do?

This Is What An Online Course Has Helped Me Do

...And The Same Can Happen For YOU!

  • Hit my first 10K month!
  • Gain new clients from around the world
  • Gain more confidence in my skills as a marketer
  • Get more speaking requests & exposure
  • Make some decent extra income on the side
  • Get warm fuzzy feelings from the notes received from all the students that I’ve helped 

You Are The Solution People Are Waiting For!

I developed a systematic process – one that allowed all my courses to rank on page 1 of Udemy, with 28,000 students across 145 number of countries - a process that will allow you to do the same because it will teach you to approach your online course business like a marketer --upping your chances of success exponentially.

And best of all, the process is easy and fun to learn – and I REVEAL 3 of my best techniques for FREE on this free training!

P.S. Many people ask why I’m giving away information for free. It’s simple. I want you to get as excited over course building as I am! Invest just 1.5 hours on this webinar and I promise you will come out with at least one tool you can use that will help with your online course and as a bonus, you can also use the shown tips to help you grow your business!

1Bobby Chernev “27 Astonishing E-learning Statistics for 2020” TechJury June 30, 2020